Artwork > Mixed Media - Their Laps, Wombs to Grow In

A lap is a nurturing place that comforts, holds, protects, preserves and celebrates life. These pieces explores and celebrates the places of laps. Their Laps, Wombs to Grow In," salutes all the grandmas, mamas, big mamas, aunties, Miss so-in-so, Mudears, who healed our first wounds, who eradicated pain and shame, who lifted spirits, who empowered us when there was no power or hope, who breathed in joy, dance, creativity, wisdom and laughter, who declared we were beautiful, to those women who loved, held and hugged us unconditionally, nurturing souls who laps give/gave us life, in any kind of weather women, whose laps in young or older years still in their death or lives sustain love. Thank you