IMAGES: Another Side of Me
Welcome to the Afro amazing, environmental conscious, sistally proud works of Valerie Brown-Troutt. Her artwork offers a unique look at the world she grew up in vs the world she now lives in. Valerie uses inspirational images and stories of Oakland's BayArea and black culture. Her art will stimulate your mind, body and spirit. It may even make you a little hungry for grandma's sweet potato pie.

Visitor's Comments:
-Hi, Valerie. I'm not sure if you remember me, but we met at your exhibition in Jack London Square. I was so impressed by your work that I got a little dizzy--... lost in the fog. Needless to say, from one aspiring artist to an art diva---you're the best! Your images have taught me a lot! Your resume is impressive as well. I would love to have you as an art mentor---I mean that. Thanks again
-Hi, I saw your paintings a few years ago at Jack London Square and have been so sorry I didn't purchase one at that time. Do you still have...
-I was so blessed and inspired by your website. The collages speak volumes to me of who you have always represented yourself to be.